Robust Search
Easily search for and manage applicants via a robust real-time search tool. Simply drill-down to the nitty-gritty using a range of filters.
Static Wall Photos 
Browse a montage of your top prospects and share with your team, tag to shortlist or interact all from one image-driven interface.
Applicant Videos
Show applicants will be able to record videos via the interface to allow your team to better qualify shortlist contenders.
Pitch Sheets
Create, share, manage and distribute pitch sheets for prospective talent.
Resource Library
Get rid of all that nasty paperwork with our robust archival tool. Our resource tool allows you to archive popular shows, applicants, and most importantly legal documentation.
Pro Show Sites
Launch shows on-the-fly with our unique show site CMS. Offering you the ability to build new shows, launch and track performance.
Point-of-entry Analytics
Measure where your applicants are coming from. Your network site, production company site, Projo show site or other links from search, etc. Projo analytics enables you to create more successful online casting calls.
Import Current Applicants
Already have an existing database of applicants. Are an archive of prospects that didn’t make it into previous year’s shows. When you sign up, we allow you to import your current database of users into the system.
Incognito Show Sites
Don’t want people to know your network or production company is sourcing the casting call? With Projo Premium and Pro account bundles you can create ghosted show sites that will mask your identity from the world.